What is the best position to place the Aura Aware?

It’s best to place the Aura Aware at the front of the counter, facing your customer. The angle of the sensor is 27 degrees.

How do I change the distance for the Aura Aware?

You can download the free LOCKKISS app to set/change the distance of your device.

How do I turn the sound alert off?

You can download the free LOCKKISS app to turn the sound for your device off or on. 

How do I change the volume of the sound alert?

You can download the free LOCKKISS app to change the volume of the sound alert.

My LOCKKISS keeps flashing red, how come?

Please check if the device is standing in a very bright light beam.

If Yes : please place the device out of the light beam and test if the red flashing is gone.

If the flashing is gone, but you do want to place the device in the light spot, you can change the sensitivity settings in the free LOCKKISS app.

If No: Please contact us via lockkissme@gmai.com We will solve this problem for you.

How do I turn the LOCKKISS off?

The LOCKKISS does not have an on/off button. Simply unplug the power and the device is off.

How do I keep the signing plate clean?

You can clean the signing plate with regular cleaning materials. Unlock the signing plate, take it out, whip it clean and make it shine.

Can I also use the LOCKKISS without charging?

No, the LOCKKISS always needs power to work. You can connect a Powerbank if you prefer to place the Aura Aware without any wires. Do make sure that the minimum power requirement is 5 VDC - 1A.

What is the minimum of the required power supply?

USB power connectivity of min. 5 VDC - 1A

Does the LOCKKISS also measure the space between my customers?
(distance between customer to customer)

The LOCKKISS measures the distance towards one customer at a time. If a customer approaches the desk/counter and stands next to the device, the sensor will measure the distance towards the next customer in line. The angle of the sensor is 27 degrees.

I already have cough screens / stickers / card boards, why should I consider your solution?

Due to the elegant design the LOCKKISS is a customer friendly solution that alerts customers when they are getting too close towards employees. The interactive functionality of the device creates awareness and realises behavioral changes in a positive way.

Do you have a sample available?

In order to help as many companies as possible to create a safe environment we are producing as many devices as possible. Therefore we do not have free product samples available.

How are the devices packed?

Each LOCKKISS is packed in a cardboard box. Master Card Boxes each have 25 devices.

What are shipment costs?

Shipment costs depend on your location. In our webshop shipment costs will be calculated automatically. For large orders we give you the quotation.

What is the delivery time?

The current delivery time is 1-2  weeks.

What happens when the product doesn't work?

If your LOCKKISS is defective please notify us within 24 hours after receiving your device, we will replace your device with a new one.

Do you also have a wearable solution?

We do not have a wearable solution (yet). We will inform our customers if we have a wearable version via the website.