The smart distance awareness device is a convenient reminder to your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. Staying 6 feet apart simply doesn’t come naturally.  


Elegant and smart. Works straight out of the box. 

A clear warning. So that you can focus on providing great service. 

Keeps you safe. Allows you to stay informed and your business to stay open. 

Applicable Scenarios

Ting1 can be used in various receptions in public places.
Such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, convenience stores, cafes, airports, offices, etc.

How Ting1 Works:Easily Remind People to Maintain a Healthy Distance

Ting1 can quickly and accurately scans the place and detect whether there is an object within 6 feet, a red light and sound alert warns everyone if you get too close. Once step back to a safe distance, it will turn back to green light again. 

Adjustable Measuring Distance

According to your needs, the detection distance can be adjusted freely-1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0 feet.

Sound alert can be turned off if you need a more quiet environment.

Can be Charged by Power Bank

You can use any device with USB power supply function to make Ting1 work, such as your computer or mobile power bank, so that Ting1 can be used flexibly in various occasions.  

what is in the box

· Ting1 x1 

· Cable x1 

Our package continues YEEUU's concise and elegant brand style, and is integrated with the product design concept.


LOCKKISS is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise focusing on smart products with minimalist design and practical function, which has won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award and already sold over 10000+ products around the world.
  Deliver both operational continuity and keeping your employees safe, no matter what pandemic-related guidance you need to follow. Ting1 allows you to be effective and polite in social situations. Keep physical distance, stay socially connected.
  Thank you for joining us to everyone safe and secure!