About us

Five seasoned entrepreneurs brought together by a mutual investor decided that unprecedented times require unprecedented solutions. Jointly they went on a mission to make the six feet society a pleasant one. Along the way, more entrepreneurs and investors joined the team to create something amazing.

And it only just begun! In a few weeks, we will launch our "6 foot movement", an initiative to bring meaningful and profitable work to production facilities and people that need it most. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know, but before you do make sure you subscribe to our values as stated below.

What we see 

It is here to stay

Well, at least for a while

6 foot society

We could fight it, ignore it, deny it or ridicule it

But it would only last longer 

So let’s embrace what we can’t change

And use technology to make the best possible experience

What we do

LOCKKISS creates technology enabling the 6 foot society

We empower humanity to come together- at exactly the right distance

Not by locking-up or creating physical barriers 

But by preserving awareness, causing alertness and offering a third eye, which respects social distance

Society may lose its hugs, handshakes and the encouraging tap on the shoulder

But it will never lose its dignity

LOCKKISS will make sure of that

What we stand for 

We are temporary
We are the only company looking forward to dissolving

We are the virtual hug
Distance does not have to be distant 

We are sustainable
We believe in circularity and will help to recycle our tools after the crisis

We embrace
Without denying reality, instead shaping and moulding, to create positive experiences

We are business
We are part of the 6 foot society and economy, generating meaningful jobs along the way